Friday, October 17, 2008

Daughters and Bras Bralettes (aka training bras)

When the Booby Fairy comes to your House...See the bra poll to your left and vote.

I vividly recall Robin Williams' stand-up routine in which he discussed his wife's pregnancy. During her pregnancy, her usual AA-sized ta-tas grew to ginormous DD's. Much to his great delight, of course. He exclaimed that "The Booby Fairy came! The Booby Fairy came!" (I cleaned up that sentence, a bit. It's Robin Williams, you know.)

Immediately, his wife covered her chest, and turned away saying, "These are for the baby." Ah, poor Robin.

I am reminded of this snippet of comedy, because the booby fairy is coming to our house. No! Not for ME!!! No enhancements for me. God was way too generous with me. Personally, I'd take a reduction if it was offered!

So, yes, my 8-year old is beginning to enter womanhood. Conversation following the first day of school.

“Mommy, guess what?”


“My booby area is starting to get round!!!”

Of course, she is more delighted about this development (ha, pun intended) than I. And, yes, it is true. My little girl is marching straight towards womanhood. I have read that after breast development starts, menstruation usually follows within 2 years. YIKES, and double yikes, I say. We are not prepared for PMS X 3!

We have already discussed "periods," so she knows about that rite of passage. The highlight of said discussion being that I ended up with a maxi pad stuck to my forehead! (and screaming, "Is it on straight?!?") We discussed that when it happens, it will be a special time and we will celebrate accordingly. The three of us will go to a spa and pamper ourselves and celebrate being women.

Shortly afterwards, I found her reading the book "Period" at the breakfast table - she does her own research, you know - and she says, "Hey Mommy. Look at the name of this chapter." It is entitled, "What happens when I get my period?" She looked at me and said, "I know what happens! WE GO TO THE SPA!" I caressed her hair and said back to her, "Yep, Honey. It's just like going to the spa."

"...each and every freakin' month. Just like going to the spa...just like that," I muttered as I walked away.

So, time marches on. Before my eyes, she has grown from my little peanut into my little woman.

May the booby fairy stay away from your house until you invite her inside.

Update to the blog above. A few months ago, we did go shopping for Hannah's first "training bra". (train them to do WHAT?) Since my day, they have a new name. These articles for the younger set (ha) are now referred to as "bralettes." We purchased several (unpadded) bralettes at Old Navy. She left the store, happily swinging the bag back and forth, her face positively beaming with joy. And time marches on.

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