Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Armpit hair and other changes in girls...

"Wow, I REEK!" she exclaimed.

And thus, my daughter discovered that she needs to start wearing deodorant everyday. She's nine years old and is starting to experience changes in her body. (see: bra story below)

Every so often, she will come over to me, raise an arm and inquire, "Do you see any armpit hair yet?" For some reason unfathomable to me, she seems to be looking forward to this development. Each time, I check her little armpit, and I report, "Nope. No hair yet."

And every time, I smile a little smile and I remember back to when she was two years old, and our first conversation about "hair."

She was two years old and we still played in the bathtub together. We would splash and play silly games. It was routine for me to exit the tub before her, get dressed and then retrieve her from the tub. One time, I stepped out of the tub and her eyes followed me curiously.

"Mommy, what's THAT?" she asked pointing at my lower body, as I dried myself with a towel.

I asked her, "What's 'what,' honey?"

"THAT!" she replied, pointing at the lower feminine bikini region of my body. (Not that it's had a bikini on it in 20+ years!)

Calmly and matter of factly, I stated, "It's hair."

She pondered this briefly and then with a sudden look of horror exclaimed, "WHAT is YOUR HAIR doing down THERE???!!!"

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