Friday, November 14, 2008

Baking - Burnt to Perfection

I love to bake. With this love of baking comes a certain amount of pyrotechnics.

Sometimes in my more-is-always-better-exuberance, I tend to overfill pie pans, muffin tins, and other bakeware. This tends to result in batter drips burning onto the bottom of the oven. After completion of the baking cycle, I usually flip on the self-clean oven feature to take care of this smelly side-effect.

Due to the high oven temperature to perform the oven's self-cleaning, sometimes, (okay, often) a small fire starts on the bottom crusty portion of the oven. The first time this occurred, I flipped out. My daughter then wigged out because of my own screaming. Fortunately, the oven door locks automatically, or I probably would have opened the oven and given the fire more oxygen.

A few days ago, I made monkey bread. I let it rise too high before baking and sure enough, the juices creeped over the pan's edge and super-glued to the bottom of the oven. Apparently, fires in my kitchen have become very commonplace, because my daughter walked by, and her only comment was, "Just like in the olden over an open fire." I'm not sure where she gets this sarcastic wit. :)

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