Friday, November 7, 2008

Children and Charity - CHILDREN, INC

My daughter and I were reviewing her homework recently, and I noticed that there was a 1-800 telephone number written on the side of the page. I asked where she'd gotten this phone number.

She answered, "I saw it on TV one time."

Umm, yikes.

Gently prodding now, "What's the telephone number for?" (and yes, I was happy that it wasn't a 1-900 number!)

She paused and seemed reluctant to answer, which made me a bit nervous.

Timidly she answered, "It was a number to call to help feed hungry children."

I can picture it now...the infomercial announcer imploring, "Please write down this number and call now! Only you can help prevent this child from going hungry." And, I can see my darling, generous daughter with her huge and caring heart, jotting down that number, and trying to figure out how she's going to raise some money to feed all of these hungry children.

First thing I said was, "How incredibly sweet and giving you are, honey." And then, we discussed how our family has sponsored a Costa Rican child named Linda since the year 2000. Our favorite children's charitable organization is called "Children Inc." Our sponsored child and my daughter are the same age, and we take great joy in helping her and her family. We love to get letters and pictures, and I hope one day that we will have the opportunity to meet her.

So, if my credit card suddenly disappears into my daughter's hands, I am relieved to know that it will be used for a donation to a charitable cause, and not for the newest toy or electronic device. And, that's a warm feeling.

Sponsoring a child through Children Inc. is $28.00/month. Here's a link to their website:

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