Thursday, November 20, 2008

Help! For the LOVE of Books! Voracious Reader won't (can't?) listen!

I am soliciting advice from fellow cyber parents today.

I have a problem with my 9-year old daughter, and if this is the most difficult challenge that I ever face in raising her, I will call myself a lucky woman.

Last week she received her 4th grade report card, and it was filled with amazing grades and complimentary comments from her teacher, except for one area. My daughter needs to work on her listening skills. She often needs to ask her teacher to repeat instructions. This is due to the fact that she is a voracious reader and she often has difficulty in pulling herself out of the story that she is deep (deep, deep, deep!) down into.

Let me back up and insert some history regarding past report cards and listening skills.

First grade: Daughter didn't listen to directions given by her teacher, because she was reading, and was asked to put her head down on the desk as a punishment.

Second grade: Concerns were expressed by her teacher that it was often difficult to bring daughter back to reality after reading time had ended.

Third grade: Daughter was reading in class when she wasn't supposed to be and the teacher told her to erase a "star" in her notebook. (This is a "bad thing" for those of you not familiar with this punishment method.)

Which leads us to 4th grade and the note on her report card. She has a lot of history in this non-listening arena, and I can attest to the fact that the same thing happens at home. If she is reading, I often have to say her name three times before receiving a response from her. Each time, when she looks up at me, her eyes are vacant, and I can see her trying to pull herself back into real life, while she is still digesting what she just read.

I have no ideas on how to remedy this situation. Any ideas? anyone?

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