Monday, November 17, 2008

Inner child vs Outer Adult

My daughter and I recently attended a local "Got Milk" event in Madison.

We arrived early for the festivities, which is a rare occurrence for us. The milk folks gave us each a carton of chocolate milk, a canvas bag of goodies and a chocolate milk mustache sticker to wear. Of course, I donned a mustache, too, as I am completely in touch with my inner child. (It's just the "outer adult" that I have issues with!)

We plopped ourselves on a couch that was decorated with orange and black balloons. Daughter was having a blast bopping the balloons about and asked if I wanted to join in her game.

"No, I don't think that I should."

"Why," she asked.

Why not indeed. "Well, I guess that I should be the responsible adult," I replied.

She raised her eyebrows and her eyes went directly to the chocolate milk mustache sticker on my upper lip. And, she asked, "Since WHEN?"

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