Thursday, November 20, 2008

Kids say the darndest things

Today's Gems

I explained PMS to daughter the other day – crabbiness, cramps, etc.

Yesterday morning, following a tirade by me, she asked, “Uh Mommy, did your period come yet?” :)


I truly know what it's like to have my heart out there in the world now.

Daughter started walking home from school by herself this school year. Yes, she's in 4th grade and yes, I've finally allowed it to happen. Yeah, yeah, I secretly stalked her initial first walk home "alone." I admit it...Yes, I AM A HOVERCRAFT OR HELICOPTER PARENT, as my friends call me.


That first walk home, I smiled as two vehicles - at an uncontrolled intersection - a policeman and a postal carrier - both stopped (heading in different directions) to wave her across the street in front of both of them. My faith in people was elevated immensely.

Her beaming, proud face and pronouncement to me, "I did it!" was priceless. She was ready to do this and it was my own fears that had kept her from taking on the task earlier. She continues to try and grow up...and I continue to try and keep her little. It's not working, and I am trying to learn how to let her spread her wings and fly.
To date, I am still on edge until I see her appear in the driveway. My heart skips a "whew beat" that - again - she's arrived home safely to me.

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