Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Bunny is not a loving Valentine

I do not like the "Happy" Bunny.

Today I shopped for Valentines for my daughter to distribute to her classmates. Yes, I should have just made her go with me to select the appropriate theme. It is a difficult endeavor alone, because she is not into the cutesy stuff, and she has no interest in the current tween celebs, like Hannah Montana and the crew of High School Musical #36.

I perused the offerings and found them wanting. I was particularly disturbed by the Happy Bunny valentines. First of all, the Happy Bunny is NOT "happy," and he is definitely lacking in social skills and niceness. He is extremely narcissistic: "I am way cuter than you."

Add to that trait, the Happy Bunny is insulting to the reader. One valentine directly quoted, "I like you even though you are dumb." This valentine assortment is marketed in multi-packs that are intended to be handed out in classrooms. Um, Helloooooooooo??? Is this even bordering on an appropriate message for every day, much less the holiday of love??? With a heavy heart filled with worry about our children, I settled on some innocuous, cute, sweet Madagascar 2 valentines for distribution.

I don't like the Happy Bunny...in fact, the happy bunny made me very unhappy today. And, if I see one of those nasty bunnies in my daughter's Valentine box, I am going to morph into Elmer Fudd and hunt me some wabbits.

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