Sunday, July 5, 2009

Clippin' Coupons

I am the MASTER when it comes to saving money, and that includes my coupon clipping pastime!

My friends know that if they need to find a deal, I'm their girl Friday. If there's a money-saving deal to be had, I know where it's at.

Doing some online shopping, are ya? I don't believe in paying full price...ever. It's downright un-American, I say. My favorite website to find out promotional coupon codes to enter at checkout is

Do you love eating out, but hate paying full price for dinner? I do! Here are my favorite sites to find CHEAP gift certificates for Madison area dining spots:

To shop for restaurant deals nation-wide, I like this site,

Priceless Coupons Discovered!

Ok, but now to the real point of my blog today. While I was searching through my treasure trove of sentimental papers, (I'm a hoarder, you may recall), I stumbled upon a PRICELESS "coupon book." Each coupon was intact, and entirely forgotten.

The coupon book was a Christmas gift from my daughter, a class project made in secret. The words "Coupon Book" and her picture grace the cover of the book.
Here are the coupons that are included in this one-of-a-kind coupon insert, which notes on the inside cover, "The coupons in this book never expire."

  • This coupon is good for ONE uncomplaining shower.
    (Note the emphasis on the word "one." She is not willing to commit to more than one "uncomplaining shower." Bath/shower time is a battleground at our house. I'm not sure why, because she ultimately ends of languishing in the enjoyment of the activity after it transpires?? I will look back fondly on these days, when she's a teenager and I'm attempting to get her OUT of the 5th shower of the day.)
  • This coupon is good for one hour of shoveling.
    (Note: I have never, ever witnessed seriously-moving-snow-for-real type of shoveling by this girl...ever. Not five minutes worth, much less an entire HOUR of shoveling. Wait, wait. She didn't mention snow shoveling...perhaps she meant "shoveling dinner" into her mouth??
  • This coupon is good for fifteen snuggles.
    (Note: I have not torn this coupon from the book, and I have been the beneficiary of hundreds of snuggles since Christmas. I am glad that I wasn't limited to the maximum noted on said coupon.)
  • This coupon is good for five chores.
    (Note: Wow, I don't even know what to say about this one. Do I need a coupon to get her to do 5 measly chores??)
  • This coupon is good for one bear hug. - Never Expires.
    Okay, this is my favorite. I've had it laminated and have placed it into my wallet. I'll be holding onto this one and pulling it out for use when she's a teenager and acting cool with her girlfriends.
I have to say, I feel rich beyond measure.

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