Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dear Daughter: A letter of thanks-giving at Thanksgiving

Dear Daughter:

At Thanksgiving dinner, it is a tradition to go around the family table, and each person expresses what they are thankful for. Often times the answers sound something like this: "I am thankful for my family, house, job, health, etc." Those are all terrific answers and certainly, "things" for which to be grateful.

I am indeed incredibly blessed with my family and friends. But today, I want to tell you specifically why I am grateful and thankful to you, daughter.

I am first and foremost incredibly grateful to be your Mom. There is nothing that will fulfill me as much as watching you grow into the strong, intelligent, loving, young woman that you are becoming. If I have ever done anything right in this lifetime, it was bringing you into this world, and doing my best to raise you.

I am grateful for the early morning, wake-up kisses and the warm snuggly smell that is only you. I treasure every hug, every kiss and every "I love you." I cherish every loving note and card that you've ever written to me, and every picture that the two of us are in together.

I am thankful that every day you teach me something. For example, when my natural inclination might be to say "no" to a request, you have taught how to say "yes."

I am grateful that you have taught me not to be so serious. You have given me joy and laughter. You have made me lighter, freer, more loving. Thank you for teaching me that play is just as important as work.

I am thankful to you for teaching and showing me every day how to be a better Mom. Thank you for being the fabulous daughter and person that you are...

Happy Thanksgiving.

I love you. - Mom

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