Monday, May 14, 2012

The Morning After Listen to Your Mother - Madison

Best. Mom's. Day. Ever.

I am still floating on a cloud of euphoria and pride from yesterday's Listen to Your Mother show.

I thought nothing could top last year's experience of being IN  the cast of Listen to Your Mother. I was so wrong. Even more amazing was being in the audience this year. What a relief to sit and just enjoy the stories of motherhood without the constant worry of "will I throw up in public?"

I laughed. I cried. I was moved as pieces of each story resonated in my own life. I enjoyed watching my family and friends watching the show, soaking in the motherhood stories.

Above all else, it was so rewarding to watch my nearly-13 year old daughter perform again at The Barrymore Theatre. However, this time she appeared as herself, instead of a dragon tail. Even while she roasted my "weirdness," I had tears in my eyes from the pride I feel for the young woman she has become. (Wasn't she just in diapers??)

She. Slayed. It.

And, that's not just my mother-biased-rose-colored report, either. Several audience members, current cast, and former cast members sought me out after the show to tell me "congrats" (which is weird to respond to, since I didn't do anything) and tell me they loved her piece.

The words that touched me deepest, though, were from 2011 cast mate and friend, Sara Santiago, mom of two beautiful, sweet girls. She touched my arm, and said, "I want to have the kind of mother-daughter relationship you and Hannah have, with my own daughters." Wow...if you know my past, you know how much this compliment means to me.

And Hannah? Well, she wore that self-contented, "I conquered LTYM," smile right into bed last night. As I looked at her glowing face, I asked her, "So, in the entire day, what was the best part?" She grinned and replied, "Oh Mom, the laughter. Making people laugh!"

I hear you, baby. And, so did Madison.

Kudos to you and the 2012 Listen to Your Mother cast, and especially, Ann and Darcy!

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